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Angela Mamo's Facebook Video of the 2020-2021 Nationals Display and Awards Judging at Salt Resort Kingscliff NSW
Fletch is in Wangaratta for the 2019 Datsun Roadster Nationals; the annual event is conducted by New South Wales, Victorian & Queensland Datsun Roadster Clubs. With only 600 of these cars believed to be in existence, a credible 47 Roadsters travelled to Wangaratta for the 2019 event. Between 1964 - 1970 Nissan introduced the Datsun Fairlady, a 2-door Roadster with an alloy head 1500cc twin-cam engine and 5-speed transmission. For the first time, there was some real competition from the likes of the MG, Triumph, Fiat and Alfa Romeo in the sportscar market. But there was one feature that Datsun was renowned for that some of the European marquees couldn't counter, that was the reliability and simplicity of the Datsun. The Datsun 2000 was the predecessor of the famous Z cars, the Datsun 240 and 260Z. A diehard Datsun 2000 owner, Peter recounts his first encounter with his Datsun 2000. Looking to buy an MG at the time he came across the Datsun 2000 in need of some work. It wasn't his only Datsun, so the restoration project took an on-off approach, after 12 years he talks in glowing terms of the cars high revving engine, performance, reliability and manoeuvrability that now gives him that 'snap, crackle and pop' that sportscars drivers enjoy when putting the car through its paces. Simon with another restoration project, one of the first models released a 1964 Datsun Fairlady, that was off the road for some 30 years before Peter was lucky enough to acquire and get back in running order and in excellent condition. With a quirky factory option a third seat 3/4 seat. Another passionate Datsun Fairlady owner is Angela with her 1965 Datsun Fairlady, in original unrestored condition, but with plans that sometime in the future to re-spray. Lou with a very late model 1970 Datsun 2000 reportedly the 3rd last Roaster exported from Japan. Nissan had already started making Z cars at the time. It was a time that engineers, not accountants were running Nissan and continued to develop the Datsun Roadster right up till production stopped a real evolutionary build. Amazingly the Datsun Roadster is 50+ years old but still turns heads today with performance to match many later models.
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